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Double 7" Vinyl in folded card sleeve.


'Four exclusive tracks. Released in conjunction with a live performance at the 'Lagerhaus' Bremen on 17. April 2004. Record One features two very dynamic untitled tracks by legendary 'industrial' percussionist Z'ev recorded and mixed in early 2004 , while record Two features 'Zerfall_Gebiete' a new collaborative project by Thomas Köner and Ulrich Krieger (former Zeitkratzer member who besides his solo work also plays in various other projects e.g. in a band project called Text Of Light with Lee Ranaldo, DJ Olive, William Hooker and others). The two atmospheric tracks mark the very beginning of their mutual work and are a promise of more great work to come.'

Z'EV / Thomas Köner / Ulrich Krieger (Double 7" Vinyl)

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