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Outwaard by Z'EV originally released on Korm Plastics


'For close to forty years z'ev has been at the absolute fore front of new musics. Playing his unique brand of percussive music he gained a lot of attention, but in more recent years he returned to working with electro-acoustic manipulations.Since 2003 he has also begun a wide ranging series of collaborations, working with Francisco Lopez, Stephen O'Malley, David Jackman/Organum and Oren Ambarchi among others. One such ongoing collaboration is with Frans de Waard, with whom he released 'Forwaard' in April 2007 and 'Outwaard' is the next installment. Whereas the sound sources used on 'Forwaard' where of a varying nature, on 'Outwaard' they were all made at a petting zoo in Kleve, Germany. These recordings which are 'recoded' by z'ev into a forty minute, densely layered pattern of musique concrete. Many of the animal call like sounds disappear in the 'recoded' version and makes a particular strong work, but occasionally one returns and leaves a no less than haunting listening experience.'

Z'EV - Outwaard (CD)

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