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Daku by Z'EV & Bryan Lewis Saunders, second edition released by Outfall Channel. Packaged in a two colour screenprinted gatefold case.


'ONE MAN'S JOURNEY THROUGH THE EVOLUTION OF HIS INTERPRETATION OF PAIN VOCALS BY BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS. MUSIC BY Z'EV (CREATED SOLELY FROM VOCALS). RECORDED BY PHIL LEONARD. MIXED AND MASTERED BY Z'EV. ART BY JONATHAN PRUNTY. STORY BY BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS.Bryan Lewis Saunders delivers a feverish spoken word journey through a mysterious stomach ailment attributed to an elusive & abusive entity known as Daku… Accompanied by legendary percussionist Z'EV's sound work. The professionally printed and pressed cd is packaged inside a gatefold mailer that has been painted twice, sanded and finished with a two color screenprint front and back.

Z'EV & Bryan Lewis Saunders - Daku (CD)

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