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CD & Booklet of Z'EV's An Uns Momento, Life Sentence & Save What? Release by CIP in 1999. This is the regular 28 page booklet version.


From the Life Sentense notes:
"uns is Z'EV, vocals and instrumentals. Original recordings by Rex Probe at Aldo's, San Francisco, California, March 17, 1980. Restructured by Z'EV at OD Studios, Eindhoven, the Nederlands, June 26, 1981. Instrumentation: Farfisa 'Professional' organ, Echo-Plex, Superscope c105 cassette machines (3), Realistic mixer, bullhorn voice processing, Peavey 'Musician' amplifier, Cerwin Vega speaker system. Music and lyrics were (c)1981 Hand Window Music, BMI.

Originally released October 1986 by Subterranean Records (Sub 29) in a boxed edition of 100 copies (cassette, booklet and broken vinyl). Additional track numbers have been added to this edition so that one can use the shuffle mode to make continually changing cut ups or the repeat to make loops."

From the Save What? notes:
"uns is Z'EV, vocals and instrumentals ... 'Save What? was performed at Het Apollohuis in Eindhoven, the Nederlands, September 19, 1982 at a party for Kremlin Product, who released some few lps, some cassettes, some t-shirts, and other oddities. The edition was 50 ... limited to a copy for each of the people who had come to the party ..."

Z'EV - An Uns Momento, Life Sentence & Save What? (CD with Booklet)

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