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Double CD Digipak of uns What Does The Brain Have To Do With It released by Crippled Intellect Productions in 2010


Track 1-1 "was the public debut of uns. Brief selections originally appeared on the Live At Target LP published by Subterranean Records in 1980."

"As all efforts have been made to reproduce the work accurately, some of the limitations of the original recording technology may be revealed due to the quality of the digital medium."


'Z'EV has been exploring and breaking ground in the audio and textual fields since the mid 1970s. Although best-known for his metal-based percussive performances, uns, his electronics and vocal-based whirlwind, was one of the most innovative (and individual) audio experiments of the early 1980s. uns's combination of sound poetics and voice treatments with dense sonic landscapes resulted in challenging, unique, and rewarding audio.A historical testament to the challenge uns presented appears on the first track of this 2 CD set, when some of the audience members -- in addition to repeatedly shouting 'Die!' as the set concluded -- shout out for Flipper. Given the ire Flipper drew from their audiences, the fact that the audience preferred that disconnect to the disconnect uns was creating speaks volumes about the gauntlet uns had thrown down. Even when uns was active (1980-83), recordings were extremely difficult to come by and live performances were infrequent. This new 2 CD set presents four live performances, with only fractional snippets previously released anywhere.' Crippled Intellect Productions

uns - What Does The Brain Have To Do With It (Double CD)

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