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' Ramona Ponzini's personal touch is certainly her own particular Japanese chant, together with the use of traditional percussions, bells  and cymbals from Japan. Z'EV has been enchanted by all those elements (listening to Praxinoscope), asking to Ramona for this cooperation. This is the result of this "long-distance encounter". ANKOKU is a Japanese word which means "deep darkness". For this debut Ramona's voice and percussions has been registered by My Cat is an Alien in their mysterious studio, placed somewhere in Western Alps, adding some field recordings. Recordings has then been sent to Z'EV who has processed them with some of his typical percussions. Z'EV deconstruct the sweetness of Ramona's chants, enfolding the pieces with a darker atmosphere. We have an obscure 5 tracks album, structured on charming vocal melodies moving out from a "haunted house".'

Ramona Ponzini & Z'EV ‎– 暗黒 / Ankoku (CD)

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