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Limited Edition - 350 copies.
Packaged in a 6" x 8.5" gatefold A5 card sleeve with a foam hub to secure the disc.


'Ex-Hati former & his new recordings processed & mixed by legendary Z'EV.

Tracklist1 Kaleidoscope I 23:012 Kaleidoscope II 20:59

Dariusz Wojtaś: tibetan bowls, field recordings [Casio stereo recorder tp-8s], Davoli analog reverb unit 82, Fostex reverb unit 3180, Sochor drx 85 digital reverberator, Ibanez pan delay dpl10, Teisco sr-450e delay.

Recorded at 49 studio,toruń 2008-09

Processed & mixed by Z'EV at studio Dop, London, 2009'

Dariusz Wojtaś vs Z'EV ‎– Pro Pagan Da (CD)

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